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Disability Insurance


Your most important asset is not your home, your car, your jewelry or other assets, it is your ability to earn a living.

All of your plans for the future – from buying a home to putting your kids through college, to building a retirement nest-egg – are based on the assumption that you will continue earning until you retire.

If you were disabled and unable to work as a result of an accident or illness, what would you and your family do for income?

Disability income insurance, which compliments health insurance, can replace lost income. Forty-three percent of all people age 40 will have a long-term (lasting 90 days or more) disability event by age 65.

For most people, even those with employer-paid coverage, an individual disability income policy is the best way to ensure adequate income in the event of a disability. When you buy a private disability income policy, you can expect to replace from 50% to 70% of income. Insurers won’t replace all of your income because they want you to have an incentive to return to work. However, when you pay the premiums yourself, disability benefits are not taxed. (Benefits from employer-paid policies are subject to income tax.)

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